General 8051 tidbits

8051 opcode matrix in pdf and xls format.
8051 cheatsheet.

The would-be 8052.com wiki, unfinished. Most of its contents already found its way into the "real" 8052.com FAQ.

Cryptography for '51 and AVR: implementation of TEA - tiny encryption routine, modified XTEA and SkipJack and their inverse.
Please, if you use any of it, drop me an email to efton_at_efton_dot_sk.
The unofficial history of 8051.

P89V51RD2 tidbits

P89V51RD2 IAP and ISP description with some example code.

An unofficial upgrade for the P89V51RD2 bootloader

How to get rid of the SoftICE mode (bootloader version 4)

Which baudrate to use for secure connection with bootloader

Macro for Tera Term for downloading hex files into P89V51RD2 from command line (less-perfect replacement for FlashMagic, which seems to be non-operational in command-line mode for the P89V51RD2).


Christmas lightchain with 16 LEDs - firmware here.
Snake game, using 8052.com SBC and a 1602 LCD - firmware, video, video.
A simple demo of using 1602 LCD with 8501 - firmware, video.


The 8052.com guide to reset, supervisor, watchdog and other pets.

Misc '51: nibble-to-ascii, CCITT CRC-16, now also Kermit CRC-16NEW and CRC-32EVEN NEWER
Since early 2018, 8052.com has moved to 8052mcu.com.