The Peripherals Page.
There is no good definition for microcontrollers.
Usually, they are referred to as microcomputes on a single chip. However, it is relatively rare that a microcontroller forms a really embedded system with no or a few other components. Contrary, it is not uncommon to see a microcontroller in a very complex design.
Therefore, in spite of efforts of manufacturers to integrate as many different subsystems into one chip as possible; I believe, there is always need for a good peripheral to connect... ;-)

These pages intend to give first and rapid information one might need designing a microcontroller-based system. Therefore you will find here clues rather than ready-made circuits, drawings etc.

What can be connected to a microcontroller (ev. microprocessor):

expanded inputs

expanded outputs

power outputs


sound chips

data storage

bus converters (and drivers)

modems; interfaces to data transport media

timers, realtime clocks, time measurement

A/D and D/A converters


Other (perhaps more logical) approach